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References 2019 - 2020

Design and production development of specialized prestressed wide turnout bearers for Singapore   2019-2020
Control of installation of a new longline production facility in Malaysia   2019
Member of a development team for post tensioned and end anchored turnout bearers (European Patent Application)   2019-2020
Production development of new prestressed turnout bearers with Pandrol fastening systems   2019
Production support for a Bi - bloc sleeper production in Israel / Tel Aviv Tunnel project   2019-2020
Design and static calculations of several turnout bearers for projects in Vietnam, Taiwan, Chile, Great Britain and Germany for prestressed, end anchored and post tensioned production systems   2019-2020
Production control and support of new prestressed turnout bearers in Malaysia   2020
Member of a European development team for optimizations of prestressed sleepers and turnout bearers in ballast and slab tracks   2020
Member of a project team for establishing a new and high automated carousel production plant with a capacity for approx. 500.000 sleepers/a in Germany   2020