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References 2009 - 2013

Consultancy for Long Line sleeper and turnout bearer production in UAE   2012-2013
Development of a fixation system at production matrices for Long Line turnout bearer production   2012
Several sleeper and turnout bearer designs with calculations according different standards for projects in Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bangladesh, Guinea, Netherlands, Germany and Singapore   2012
Consultancy for an acquisition of an international sleeper production company   2012
Consultancy for cooperation between two international operating companies for a project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   2011
Coordination and Quality Control of production of turnout bearers for ballast less tracks in Taiwan   2011-2012
Development of production equipment for precast concrete segments for ballast less tracks   2011
Consultancy for sleeper carousel production equipment in Kazakhstan   2011
Several audits of a Malaysian turnout bearer producer for the supply to DTL-Project Singapore   2011-2012

Sleeper design and technical support for a bid proposal in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




Production and staff training for a turnout sleeper production
in Germany



Configuration of a budget proposal including business plan for a
track sleeper plant in Iraq
Plant startup including configuration of documents for a
certified production as Q1 supplier for DB AG
Consultancy for a track sleeper production line in Libya   2008-2009
Head consultant for know-how transfer, investment, purchasing
and installation of a complete turnout sleeper production in Germany