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References 2014 - 2016

Design of special concrete sleepers for Arabian Market   2016
Consultancy for a sleeper production in Israel   2015-2016
Training and consulting of sales staff   2015 & 2016
Track and sleeper design for High Speed Lines in Denmark   2016
Design and general support of bearers with anchor  rails   2015-2016
Research of damaged prestressed concrete bearers   2016
Design and consulting of new production line and technology of prestressed concrete bearers with end anchoring system for DB Netz AG Germany   2014-2016
Support for a HPQ-Approval of a turnout bearer plant in Germany   2015
Consultancy and sleeper design for a sleeper production line in Thailand for local and Australian market   2015-2016

Optimizations of existing bearer production plant in Germany




Consultancy and optimizations for a bearer production line in Poland



Consultancy for a prestressed spun pole production in Israel   2015
Continuous QC- audits for sleeper production in Singapore   2013-2015
Training and consultancy for bearer production and of
KVMRT –Project in Malaysia
Project support and analysis for supply of concrete bearers in China   2014
Design of a new production concept for prestressed sleepers   2014
Research of new fixation technologies of Pandrol shoulders for sleepers and bearers   2014
Design of new prestressed concrete bearers for Dutch Railways   2014
Transfer of a production line from Taiwan to Malaysia including training and production start   2014