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References 2004 - 2008

Consultancy for a complete turnout sleeper production in Turkey   2008
Supervisor for delivery of machines and equipment for a sleeper
production in India
Consultancy for a track and turnout sleeper production line in Kazakhstan   2008
Development and design for heavy load track sleepers in Brazil   2008
Consultancy and implantation of local QC management for Chinese Bi- block sleeper productions for a German supplier and Know-how provider of ballast less tracks   2007
Consultant for concrete track sleeper and turnout bearer plant project
in the United States of America
Head Consultant for investment, purchasing and installation a concrete turnout sleeper project in Taiwan   2007
Leading Bid Manager for the sales of sleepers and a sleeper plant for the North-South Railway Project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   2006
Technical and system support for DB maglev system project Munich   2006
Technical support for the development of fixations of rail fastening
systems in self reacting sleeper moulds
Sales support of machinery and production equipment to several sleeper and pole producers in Germany, Greece, Malaysia   2006
Feasibility study for equipment of turnout bearer and pole production in Malaysia   2004-2005