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References 2017 - 2018

Preparation of complete QC- Documentation for a Turnout Bearer Production Line in Malaysia, Klang Valley II   2017
Consultancy for a new Bi-Block Sleeper Carousel Production
Line in Israel, Red Line Project Tel Aviv
Sleeper - and Plant Design
ITP and QC Documentation
Member of Deutsche Bahn Committee for Allocation of Turnout Bearer Production Line with End-Anchoring in Germany, Schwandorf   2017
Consultancy for Research and Development of a new Post-tensioned Production Technology for Turnout Bearers, Germany   2017 - 2018
Design of different Prestressed Concrete Sleepers, Italy   2018
Consultancy for a new Turnout Bearer Production Line in Thailand   2018
Publication for Deutsche Bahn AG about investigation of Prestressed Concrete Bearers for the Limitation of Longitudinal Cracking. ZEVrail  12/18   2018
Adapting of several required Bearer Designs for Malaysia and Singapore into the existing Production Line in Malaysia   2018